Wrong Hunch

toddler constipationI have observed for days that our daughter, Chelsea was not fond of drinking water. She prefers to drink sodas and milk. I also noticed that she does not finish her vegetables on her plate and that is a cause of concern for me because I do not want her to experience toddler constipation. I told my wife about it and she told me that she did not know what happened to her because she used to eat veggies. I asked my wife about what to do with Chelsea and she told me that I should just take care of it because I am better with this kind of stuff and I agreed. I told her that I am going to talk to her this weekend to have a more relaxed time for our kid.

It was a weekend and I told Chelsea that I needed to talk to her. She was worried that she had done something wrong, so she was scared. I told her that she did not do anything wrong. It was just because her mom and I were worried about her, as we noticed that she was not eating healthy like she used to. I pinpointed that she does not drink as much water as she used to. I also told her that she always leaves her veggies on her plate. She was quiet and trying to gather her thoughts. After a few seconds, she blurted out the real reason on why she was not eating well. She told me that her best friend and classmate, Charlotte, had a worse case of diarrhea in toddlers and she made a mess in school. Almost all students at school knew what happened because she was seen in the hallway and she reeked of foul odor.

Since then, Charlotte is teased every day because of what happened. She asked her what caused her diarrhea. Her doctor told her that she consumed lots of water and fibrous foods, so my daughter tried to stay away from them, as she was thinking, that it could also lead her to Charlotte’s condition. I now understood that Chelsea was thinking. I told her that she would not suffer the same as her best friend’s because we are just feeding her enough. I am sure that her best friend consumed more than enough so she suffered what happened to her.

I told Chelsea that in life, it is always vital to know how to balance things. I told her about the saying that Water is Life, but if you consumed lots of it, you will feel so bad and bloated. It would even make you vomit. Chelsea laughed and I am glad that she understood what I was trying to say. She told me that she missed eating veggies because they are one of her favorite foods ever. I told her to ask her mom to cook veggies for dinner and she agreed. She also thanked me that I enlightened her about what happened to Charlotte. I reminded her that when she has a problem, she doesn’t need to hesitate to ask me or her mom because we are always ready to listen to her.