Surprise Gift Adventure

It will be my wife’s birthday next month and I want to surprise her. Last year, I gave her a matching ring, earrings and a necklace. She told me that it was the greatest gift that she ever received. I am running out of time and options, as I have to top what I gave her last year. I asked our kid Chelsea about what we should give her mom on her birthday this year. Chelsea told me that her mom secretly wants to have a new toy dog around our house. She added that her mom wanted a mixed poodle breed like a bichon poodle or a yorkie poodle.

I thought to myself that in order to give her something better than last year, I needed to give her both dogs. I told Chelsea about my plan and I need her to keep it a secret from her mom. She was so excited that we are going to have new pets in our home next month. I asked my daughter to come along with me this weekend to canvas and to find dogs for her mom and she excitedly agreed.

It is a weekend and Chelsea and I are going out to find a dog for my wife so we were secretly heading to the pet shop, but we told her that we are going to the bookstore. My wife was surprised that Chelsea and I were going out early. She asked if she could come because she needs to buy some grocery items. I told her that it is a weekend and she needs to rest because she had a tiring week. I asked her to give me a list and we would buy it for her. She thanked me and she quickly made a list. I told Chelsea that we have to be quick, as we needed to drop by the grocery, the bookstore and the most important of all, the pet shop. We went to the pet shop first and I talked to the owner if we could see their poodle mixes because I want to buy two dogs for my wife. Chelsea and I were so happy that we found what we were looking for. They were so cute and playful. I asked if they were already dewormed and the owner told me yes. I’ve learned that they also have a complete vaccination as well. I told him that I would get it next week as soon as I find a suitable location for them because it is a birthday surprise for my wife. He offered to take care of them in the shop until my wife’s birthday and I thanked him. I added that I would just notify him about when I am going to pick them up.

We were so pressed for time as Chelsea and I rushed to get something from the bookstore for our cover up story and then we dropped by the grocery for my wife’s list. My daughter and I had fun with our little adventure, but at the same time, was so tired with our mission for a surprise gift for her mom. I hope she gets thrilled when she gets it next month.