Joys of Being a Realtor

I recently sold a 2,332 sq ft big condominium unit here in Lawrence, Kansas a month ago. It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms in a low rise building and it’s is located near the Delaware area. The unit has an impeccable location for the morning sun and the sunset, perfect for a couple like them. Their unit also has an access to a special elevator which only a number of units can use so waiting time for elevators isn’t going to be a problem.

The couple that bought it paid cash in full thus getting large amount of discounts. They told me that they inherited a large sum of money from their parents and they planned to make investments out of it rather than just splurging on buying luxury cars which depreciates its value every year. It was also a dream of them to buy a unit and start a family where they all have easy access to all sorts of things like hospitals, schools, malls, restaurants, etc.

The unit that they bought is a reasonable unit for them because they are just starting out to have a family. For now, they only have a kid who loves pets which is perfect because he has a big room. They also told me that they prefer only two kids but they may have frequent visitors so they can use one room as a guest room, two rooms for their kids and one as the Master’s bedroom. They also asked about the rules and regulations for the building about pets if they allow hedgehogs as pets. They added that it would be secured on hedgehog cages so there wouldn’t be a potential for the pet to roam around across other units. I told them that I’d ask the building owner and the unit owners association about their query and I’ll get back to them with an answer. I also accompanied them to survey at daytime and night time to be sure that the area they’re buying at is safe and free from any criminal activities

Honestly, I don’t think that there’s any problem with the quiet hedgehogs as they allow dogs who bark a lot inside the building. I just don’t want to give them a shaky and skeptical answer. I reminded them that before signing anything that they should hire a lawyer to read all the legalities to make sure that the contracts are all clean. They still haven’t told me on when they will move in. The wife hinted that there might be minor constructions to be done to make it more liveable for them. I just love my job not just because of the money that I make but also it’s about the job’s flexibility and independence. Lastly, the best of being a realtor is the fulfillment and the satisfaction. It’s the fulfillment and the satisfaction that I get whenever the buyer thanks me for being the instrument to enable them to get the best possible deal that they can get with their money.