Blessing from Above

I have been trying to expand my real estate business and part of the plan is to train willing and able people who share the same passion and drive as mine to be the best that they could be. I am currently training three people and they are Kelly, Rose and Jimmy. I have been really close with the three of them because I spend most of my time teaching them the ropes on how to be the best in this business and I am very happy with their progress. They even exceeded my expectations as they are performing very well. I think that they are even better when I started because I did not have any background and I know that they have meticulously studied it.

One day, I saw Rose crying and Kelly and Jimmy were pacifying her. I asked them about the problem and they told me that Rose is pregnant and his boyfriend does not want anything to do with her and their baby. I felt bad for her and asked her about her plans. She told me that she does not know what to do. She does not even know how to tell her mom. She added that her mom would surely kick her out of their house with what she did. I told her that I do not think that her mom will do such thing, because whatever happens, she will always be her daughter and Kelly and Jimmy agreed. Jimmy told her that he knows a counselor and a nurse who can give her advices if she wants to. Rose thanked us for all the care that we were showing her, but she still wanted to talk to his boyfriend about their problem. Kelly told her that we would always be here for her whenever she needs help. I reminded her that the child is a blessing from above and she should not fear because she will always have us to help her.

The next day, Rose seems to be happy and I asked her why. She told me that his boyfriend already talked to her and they have already worked things out. She added that her boyfriend just became afraid of the responsibilities, but he already cleared his head and he is ready now for the challenge that they would be facing together. I am glad for both of them and wished them luck. She asked me if I have any idea of the signs of the implantation because she has not had them yet, but she used a pregnancy kit and it was positive. I told her that I’m not really sure because I’m always busy with work whenever my wife is pregnant. I just usually take a leave of absence when she is already on her third trimester.  I told her to check on the website for some help.

I told her to get an advice from Jimmy’s nurse friend, as I am sure that she can help her with all her questions. She can even determine her question of how many weeks am I for her due date. Unfortunately, Jimmy is late for work, but I’m sure that he would come to work today because he rarely goes absent.