Age is not just a Number

I just received a call from my brother that our mom had a torn labrum hip an hour ago, similarly describe by the professionals at I asked him about what happened because our mom was not that sporty to begin with. I know that such injuries occur on repetitive motions and then causes a tear in the cartilage. Our mom just spends her day shopping, hanging out with her friends and sometimes, she helps our dad with chores around the house. My brother asked me to come down to the hospital as soon as possible because our mom wanted to see me. I asked him if my dad was there because I wanted to talk to him, but he told me that he is currently outside talking to our mom’s doctor.

I told my business partner, Dave, what happened to my mom and that I needed to go to the hospital now. He understood and he told me that he wishes that my mom well. I got to the hospital as fast as I could. It took me just fifteen minutes to drive through the busy streets of Lawrence and I was glad that there were no cops around. I parked in the nearest slot possible to the entrance of the hospital and rushed to my mom’s room. I knocked and my dad opened the door for me. I saw my mom lying comfortably on her bed. I asked them what happened to her. My dad told me that our mom was having a groin pain for the last month and she just ignored it. She was just raking leaves earlier in their backyard and she just heard a clicking snap on her hips. She got out of balance and fell over the grass. She called for help and luckily, our dad was going out to help our mom to rake, so he rushed to help her and called 911. I was relieved that she just fell over the grass rather than the cement driveway. I asked our mom how she was and she told me that it hurts earlier, but the doctor gave her a cortisone shot and now, she does not feel a thing.

Our dad told me that she also had an x-ray and an MRI and the results were fine. Dr. Miller advised our mom to rest for at least two weeks to allow the inflammation to settle down to alleviate her pain and maybe allow her to return to her usual routines gradually. She was also prescribed to take pain relievers, two times a day as needed. She could also acquire the services of a good physical therapist to improve her hip functions by strengthening and balancing her muscles around her hip joint.

The doctor also reminded our mom to exercise proper anterior hip precautions because she does not want it to happen to herself again. He added that she cannot do the things that she used to do when she was younger, because she now have more fragile and brittle bones and it always comes with age. He suggested that she stretch every day to keep her body flexible and for better blood flow.