Monthly Archive: March 2015

Much Needed Vacation

Being a realtor needs a lot of patience, flexible time, excellent social skills and good convincing power to make sales and I’d like to think that I have all that essentials. But lately, it seems that it has been taking a toll on me as I’m almost never home. I’m so busy with taking care of my clients that I tend to forget about school plays of my daughter or a scheduled vacation with my family. I’ve really lost control on my life as I was so busy with work. Sometimes, I even end up with unexplained bruises that I don’t have any idea where they came from. That was how busy I was.

My wife was so concerned that he wanted me to resign from my work but I told her that this is what I do, this is what I know and I’m good at it. As a compromise, I took a leave of absence for a month to take my family for a vacation in Asia specifically Thailand and Japan. My wife really loved my idea because it was really time for a family bonding.

When I was a kid, I dreamt of going to various places, to explore, to expand my horizons and have a feel on other countries’ cultures. I was so enticed when I see television specials which show Asian cultures such as their normal routine every day, the food they eat, they jobs they do, etc. I told my mom about it and she was happy that I have dreams. She advised me that I should study harder to get the best job that I can get thus making it affordable for me to spend money on frequent travels and exploring the world.

My family and I were so ecstatic about our trip that we already finished packing our luggage a week before our booked flight. My wife also finished making up our itineraries as to manage our time there wisely. I’m looking forward to eating authentic ramen noodles in Japan and seeing how they make it on the spot like what I used to see in the television when I was younger. I am also looking forward to see and experience on buying things in the floating market of Bangkok, Thailand. My wife and kids on the other hand wanted to go to Phuket, Thailand and go island hopping. My wife also booked a tour where we can ride elephants and feed them. The tour also includes trekking, white water rafting and a traditional Thai massage to cap our day off.

It’s just ironic that the job that will enable me to save up for my family’s future travels eats up our time to explore and travel the world. I guess it really depends on the person on how he will manage his time wisely and how he sees his priorities. I used to prioritize my work to get more money that I forgot and lost my passion to travel. Now, I’ll really try to balance it the second time around.   Wish me luck!