Monthly Archive: January 2015

Open House

Today I had an open house look see for some of my clients who were interested in a property that I am brokering for. It is located in a gated community not very far away from the city center. A fairly large house by industry standards with about eight bedrooms, a number of toilets and baths to match, a pool, and a six car garage, a very wonderful house to live in if you ask me.

The offers were great and I thankfully did have several of them. It is nice being this long in the industry as I already have a stable list of clients who are dead serious in accumulating properties. I have only a faint idea why they always keep on buying houses for sale, but if they have the money then it’s all good with me.

Everything went by without a hitch and it was a typically productive day in the life of a realtor. Also the cookies that was served during the open house were great and I think I ate too much of it. I do have to check with the property owner if he would be interested with the offers that I have elicited today and he would probably be very happy about it.

There were apparently some learning instances I experienced during the day which might help me with future open houses. One is that many clients of today do look very closely on seemingly small things around the house. Examining window sills was a new thing for me, so was considering the window height. I don’t know what they were up to but several clients did check on them.

The house having the best reverse osmosis system under several sinks was a major selling point as it paints a very detailed picture of a very careful owner that spared nothing in building the house. If he went out of his way and put those seemingly trivial but important things under the sink, then maybe that’s also what he did with the rest of the house kind of thinking.

Another thing was that I forgot to pack in what apparently was the best pack n play on the kid’s room, which the clients might see, and might find somewhat off putting, when they check out the room. Turns out I was dead wrong about it as seeing the thing brought about warm thoughts to the clients and never one person came out of the room without a smile on their face.

It was nice learning about those things and I will make it a point to learn more about the “little things” which might sway the clients thinking about a house that I am presenting. I surely need all the help I can get and this is certainly one of them.

One really never has to stop learning about a thing even if he has already put in quite a number of years into it already. Because the time he does that, will also be the time that everybody will pass him by.