Monthly Archive: October 2014

Moving Forward

Rose and his boyfriend Guillermo are doing a great job about preparing for their unborn baby. I am glad that the two of them made amends and were doing the best that they could for their child. I asked her about how her mom reacted when she learned about her situation and she told me that we were right. She accepted the idea with open arms. She even offered Guillermo to live with us, but he and I had a different plan. Rose told me that they planned to rent a cheap apartment and start from there. She also shared that she recently had a check-up with her obgynecologist and the doctor educated her about pregnancy like how to battle the signs and symptoms and the three trimesters of pregnancy. She already had her ultrasound and their baby is okay. They have to visit the doctor every two weeks to ensure that their baby grows healthy. She was also prescribed with multivitamins to be taken daily after meals. She was also told to watch what she eats because she was reminded by her doctor that whatever she eats or drink that it has a direct effect on their baby. The doctor also invited her to attend a free seminar that is going to be held this coming weekend and she wanted to come with his boyfriend.

Rose already told Guillermo that he has to try to lessen his smoking because it could affect their baby. He told her that he will try to quit and she loved that he is going to try to quit, because she had been nagging him for months because her grandmother died of lung cancer a few years ago. She does not want that to happen to him. As much as possible, she wants to live their lives to the fullest as possible.

I told her that it is a good idea to go. I shared that I also attended a number of seminars like that with my wife when we were starting out to grow our family because we also did not had any idea on what we were doing. I added that those kinds of seminars are very useful as I learned there on how to baby proof our home. The seminars also provided very useful insights like how to stop breastfeeding and disproving myths about pregnancies. She asked me if Stacey experienced having a period while breastfeeding, like what was describe by experts at Breastfeeding Guidelines, and I told her no, but I know some friends who experienced that and I think that it is normal.

I also told Rose that it is nice that Guillermo is willing to try to quit for their baby. I reminded her though that quitting smoking is not that easy. He also should not quit cold turkey. He needs to quit gradually to prevent having withdrawal symptoms from quitting like headaches, mood swings and cold symptoms like tingling and even sweating. Rose was surprised that I knew about them. I told her that I used to smoke and it was hard work, but it was all worth it.