Monthly Archive: September 2014

Love Your Job

Want to know a little secret that I have which helps me succeed in selling houses? Well it’s piped in background music and people can’t get enough of it apparently. It really does break the ice most of the times, which in turn also enables me to make my pitches very natural sounding and sincere.

It is not your typical music that you listen to everyday, far from it. It is a very relaxing type of music that is guaranteed to calm your senses every time you hear it, and you might really want to break into an Asana pose once it plays. What is it? It’s yoga music that’s what.

Well I always make it a point to bring with me the best yoga DVD on all my open houses and it really works wonders. I just play it non-stop for the duration of the open house and I can clearly see the effect it has on everybody there. Relaxed and casual are terms that people use when describing my house presentations and I am glad that they notice it.

Inside the best lightweight luggage that I bring with me all the time are several things on my arsenal namely: fresh looking flowers, the yoga DVD, fliers and cards to use during my presentations, dust rags and fragrant sprays, and of course, extra clothes for those unforeseen circumstances. It is in my car always as you never know when you are going to use them.

One really has to be always prepared in this line of work as sloppiness does reflect to what kind of realtor you are. You would not exude trust when you are not prepared and clients always notice those kinds of things. When there is no trust in your relationship with your clients then you are good as a fish out of water.

Turning over properties for profit is almost never a simple deal. Lots of work is always needed, and a must, for one to be successful in this field. I for one had already put in countless hours of research and training to get to where I am today, but the results really does make everything worthwhile.

It has not always been this rosy for me, especially when I was just starting my career, as I did manage to hit a couple of snags along the way. I look at them as tests to prove my eagerness to be in this line of work and I treat them as such. I never ever expected, not even once, to be waylaid on my way to the top, and that kind of thinking served me well in times of doubt.

Well it is really the same with everything in this world. If you lack focus, ideals, and preparation, then everyone will pass you by and leave you in their dust. So to keep up in this ever changing world, you have to have dedication to what it is that you are doing and your fortunes will not be long in coming. You can quote me on that.