Monthly Archive: June 2014


We have a four year old Bullboxer Pit named Rocky and we are so fond of him because he is so sweet and loyal, but at the same time, he is very protective of us especially our youngest child, Chelsea. She is the one who mostly feeds and cares for him because all of us are practically busy with work and chores around the house. I am glad that Chelsea does not mind because she loves him so much. She even wanted to go for a walk alone with him at the park, but I did not give her a permission because Rocky can easily pull her because she is still not strong enough. I promised my daughter that every Sunday that I would try to accompany them with their walks and she was so excited about it.

It was a Saturday night and I find Chelsea so adorable and funny because she was making a survey about what is the best leash to use on Rocky for tomorrow’s walk. She made us choose between three leashes. I joked that I was not going to accompany them and she became sad. My wife, Susan told her that I was just kidding and she hugged both of us. I told her that she should eat dinner first, so she would be strong enough to handle Rocky’s walk tomorrow.

The next day, Chelsea woke up very early at 5am. She knocked on our door and I knew that it was her. I told her that it was too early to walk outside because it is still dark. I told her she should sleep again and I will wake her up if it is already bright outside. I am glad that she understood me so she slept in her room. I woke her up at 6:30am and she was still excited about our walk. I asked her to eat breakfast first before we can go outside with Rocky. She was so adorable as her face lit up with excitement the whole time that we were walking. We decided to rest at the park and let the dog drink some water.

dog ear infectionRocky was also tired, so he sat between Chelsea and me. I noticed that he smelled funny. I checked his paws and body, but there were no wounds or lesions. Then I checked his ears and it was so dirty. I asked Chelsea about when was the last time that he had his ears cleaned and she does not have an idea about it. When we got home, I asked my wife about it and she also told me the same thing. I cleaned the dog’s ears, but I cannot take them all off because some are further down his ears. I decided to bring him to the nearby veterinarian’s clinic to let the professionals do their thing. I told Chelsea about it and she wanted to come with me. The veterinarian had a peek with Rocky’s ears and he told us that it looked like that he have a dog ear infection. He took care of it in less than an hour and the dirt was all out. He reminded me to always clean his ears every week and as much as possible, prevent water getting inside his ears when bathing him. He also prescribed him an ear medication to be used daily.