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Much Needed Vacation

Being a realtor needs a lot of patience, flexible time, excellent social skills and good convincing power to make sales and I’d like to think that I have all that essentials. But lately, it seems that it has been taking a toll on me as I’m almost never home. I’m so busy with taking care of my clients that I tend to forget about school plays of my daughter or a scheduled vacation with my family. I’ve really lost control on my life as I was so busy with work. Sometimes, I even end up with unexplained bruises that I don’t have any idea where they came from. That was how busy I was.

My wife was so concerned that he wanted me to resign from my work but I told her that this is what I do, this is what I know and I’m good at it. As a compromise, I took a leave of absence for a month to take my family for a vacation in Asia specifically Thailand and Japan. My wife really loved my idea because it was really time for a family bonding.

When I was a kid, I dreamt of going to various places, to explore, to expand my horizons and have a feel on other countries’ cultures. I was so enticed when I see television specials which show Asian cultures such as their normal routine every day, the food they eat, they jobs they do, etc. I told my mom about it and she was happy that I have dreams. She advised me that I should study harder to get the best job that I can get thus making it affordable for me to spend money on frequent travels and exploring the world.

My family and I were so ecstatic about our trip that we already finished packing our luggage a week before our booked flight. My wife also finished making up our itineraries as to manage our time there wisely. I’m looking forward to eating authentic ramen noodles in Japan and seeing how they make it on the spot like what I used to see in the television when I was younger. I am also looking forward to see and experience on buying things in the floating market of Bangkok, Thailand. My wife and kids on the other hand wanted to go to Phuket, Thailand and go island hopping. My wife also booked a tour where we can ride elephants and feed them. The tour also includes trekking, white water rafting and a traditional Thai massage to cap our day off.

It’s just ironic that the job that will enable me to save up for my family’s future travels eats up our time to explore and travel the world. I guess it really depends on the person on how he will manage his time wisely and how he sees his priorities. I used to prioritize my work to get more money that I forgot and lost my passion to travel. Now, I’ll really try to balance it the second time around.   Wish me luck!

First Time Home Buyers Tips

Buying a house can be a daunting task especially for first-time home buyers. You can be easily overwhelmed by the processes involved as well as the current state of the market. That is one reason why many would-be buyers end up renting instead. But buying a house does not have to be that difficult. Here are some simple tips that you can follow as a first-time home buyer:

1. Set your budget.

Before you go shopping for a home, you should first know how much your budget is. It seems to be like a no-brainer, but you may be surprised that many interested buyers don’t set their budget first before showing up during open house. By failing to do this simple step, you may end up wasting your time checking on houses that are out of your price range. And it can be frustrating finally identifying your dream house only to realize that it is way out of your budget.

Surprise Gift Adventure

It will be my wife’s birthday next month and I want to surprise her. Last year, I gave her a matching ring, earrings and a necklace. She told me that it was the greatest gift that she ever received. I am running out of time and options, as I have to top what I gave her last year. I asked our kid Chelsea about what we should give her mom on her birthday this year. Chelsea told me that her mom secretly wants to have a new toy dog around our house. She added that her mom wanted a mixed poodle breed like a bichon poodle or a yorkie poodle.

I thought to myself that in order to give her something better than last year, I needed to give her both dogs. I told Chelsea about my plan and I need her to keep it a secret from her mom. She was so excited that we are going to have new pets in our home next month. I asked my daughter to come along with me this weekend to canvas and to find dogs for her mom and she excitedly agreed.

It is a weekend and Chelsea and I are going out to find a dog for my wife so we were secretly heading to the pet shop, but we told her that we are going to the bookstore. My wife was surprised that Chelsea and I were going out early. She asked if she could come because she needs to buy some grocery items. I told her that it is a weekend and she needs to rest because she had a tiring week. I asked her to give me a list and we would buy it for her. She thanked me and she quickly made a list. I told Chelsea that we have to be quick, as we needed to drop by the grocery, the bookstore and the most important of all, the pet shop. We went to the pet shop first and I talked to the owner if we could see their poodle mixes because I want to buy two dogs for my wife. Chelsea and I were so happy that we found what we were looking for. They were so cute and playful. I asked if they were already dewormed and the owner told me yes. I’ve learned that they also have a complete vaccination as well. I told him that I would get it next week as soon as I find a suitable location for them because it is a birthday surprise for my wife. He offered to take care of them in the shop until my wife’s birthday and I thanked him. I added that I would just notify him about when I am going to pick them up.

We were so pressed for time as Chelsea and I rushed to get something from the bookstore for our cover up story and then we dropped by the grocery for my wife’s list. My daughter and I had fun with our little adventure, but at the same time, was so tired with our mission for a surprise gift for her mom. I hope she gets thrilled when she gets it next month.

Tips To Get Approved For a Mortgage

A house is the most basic need of every family. Many people are looking for an opportunity to get a house of their own especially since house rentals even for a small space is at an all-time high now. And when your personal finances do not allow you to buy a house with spot cash, your best option would be to get it on a mortgage. If you still find it difficult to get approved for a mortgage, here are some tips that could help you:

1. Keep track of your finances.

Starting January of 2014, new mortgage regulations take effect when it comes to underwriting home loans. These new regulations require lenders to verify the capacity of each borrower to repay his or her loans. Borrowers who are more diligent in keeping track of their finances have the greatest chance of getting approved. For tracking purposes, keep a complete record of your bank statements, W-2s, income tax returns and other assets you may have. If there are any unusual deposits in your bank accounts, be ready to also justify them.

Blessing from Above

I have been trying to expand my real estate business and part of the plan is to train willing and able people who share the same passion and drive as mine to be the best that they could be. I am currently training three people and they are Kelly, Rose and Jimmy. I have been really close with the three of them because I spend most of my time teaching them the ropes on how to be the best in this business and I am very happy with their progress. They even exceeded my expectations as they are performing very well. I think that they are even better when I started because I did not have any background and I know that they have meticulously studied it.

One day, I saw Rose crying and Kelly and Jimmy were pacifying her. I asked them about the problem and they told me that Rose is pregnant and his boyfriend does not want anything to do with her and their baby. I felt bad for her and asked her about her plans. She told me that she does not know what to do. She does not even know how to tell her mom. She added that her mom would surely kick her out of their house with what she did. I told her that I do not think that her mom will do such thing, because whatever happens, she will always be her daughter and Kelly and Jimmy agreed. Jimmy told her that he knows a counselor and a nurse who can give her advices if she wants to. Rose thanked us for all the care that we were showing her, but she still wanted to talk to his boyfriend about their problem. Kelly told her that we would always be here for her whenever she needs help. I reminded her that the child is a blessing from above and she should not fear because she will always have us to help her.

The next day, Rose seems to be happy and I asked her why. She told me that his boyfriend already talked to her and they have already worked things out. She added that her boyfriend just became afraid of the responsibilities, but he already cleared his head and he is ready now for the challenge that they would be facing together. I am glad for both of them and wished them luck. She asked me if I have any idea of the signs of the implantation because she has not had them yet, but she used a pregnancy kit and it was positive. I told her that I’m not really sure because I’m always busy with work whenever my wife is pregnant. I just usually take a leave of absence when she is already on her third trimester.  I told her to check on the website for some help.

I told her to get an advice from Jimmy’s nurse friend, as I am sure that she can help her with all her questions. She can even determine her question of how many weeks am I for her due date. Unfortunately, Jimmy is late for work, but I’m sure that he would come to work today because he rarely goes absent.

Open House

Today I had an open house look see for some of my clients who were interested in a property that I am brokering for. It is located in a gated community not very far away from the city center. A fairly large house by industry standards with about eight bedrooms, a number of toilets and baths to match, a pool, and a six car garage, a very wonderful house to live in if you ask me.

The offers were great and I thankfully did have several of them. It is nice being this long in the industry as I already have a stable list of clients who are dead serious in accumulating properties. I have only a faint idea why they always keep on buying houses for sale, but if they have the money then it’s all good with me.

Everything went by without a hitch and it was a typically productive day in the life of a realtor. Also the cookies that was served during the open house were great and I think I ate too much of it. I do have to check with the property owner if he would be interested with the offers that I have elicited today and he would probably be very happy about it.

There were apparently some learning instances I experienced during the day which might help me with future open houses. One is that many clients of today do look very closely on seemingly small things around the house. Examining window sills was a new thing for me, so was considering the window height. I don’t know what they were up to but several clients did check on them.

The house having the best reverse osmosis system under several sinks was a major selling point as it paints a very detailed picture of a very careful owner that spared nothing in building the house. If he went out of his way and put those seemingly trivial but important things under the sink, then maybe that’s also what he did with the rest of the house kind of thinking.

Another thing was that I forgot to pack in what apparently was the best pack n play on the kid’s room, which the clients might see, and might find somewhat off putting, when they check out the room. Turns out I was dead wrong about it as seeing the thing brought about warm thoughts to the clients and never one person came out of the room without a smile on their face.

It was nice learning about those things and I will make it a point to learn more about the “little things” which might sway the clients thinking about a house that I am presenting. I surely need all the help I can get and this is certainly one of them.

One really never has to stop learning about a thing even if he has already put in quite a number of years into it already. Because the time he does that, will also be the time that everybody will pass him by.

Moving Forward

Rose and his boyfriend Guillermo are doing a great job about preparing for their unborn baby. I am glad that the two of them made amends and were doing the best that they could for their child. I asked her about how her mom reacted when she learned about her situation and she told me that we were right. She accepted the idea with open arms. She even offered Guillermo to live with us, but he and I had a different plan. Rose told me that they planned to rent a cheap apartment and start from there. She also shared that she recently had a check-up with her obgynecologist and the doctor educated her about pregnancy like how to battle the signs and symptoms and the three trimesters of pregnancy. She already had her ultrasound and their baby is okay. They have to visit the doctor every two weeks to ensure that their baby grows healthy. She was also prescribed with multivitamins to be taken daily after meals. She was also told to watch what she eats because she was reminded by her doctor that whatever she eats or drink that it has a direct effect on their baby. The doctor also invited her to attend a free seminar that is going to be held this coming weekend and she wanted to come with his boyfriend.

Rose already told Guillermo that he has to try to lessen his smoking because it could affect their baby. He told her that he will try to quit and she loved that he is going to try to quit, because she had been nagging him for months because her grandmother died of lung cancer a few years ago. She does not want that to happen to him. As much as possible, she wants to live their lives to the fullest as possible.

I told her that it is a good idea to go. I shared that I also attended a number of seminars like that with my wife when we were starting out to grow our family because we also did not had any idea on what we were doing. I added that those kinds of seminars are very useful as I learned there on how to baby proof our home. The seminars also provided very useful insights like how to stop breastfeeding and disproving myths about pregnancies. She asked me if Stacey experienced having a period while breastfeeding, like what was describe by experts at Breastfeeding Guidelines, and I told her no, but I know some friends who experienced that and I think that it is normal.

I also told Rose that it is nice that Guillermo is willing to try to quit for their baby. I reminded her though that quitting smoking is not that easy. He also should not quit cold turkey. He needs to quit gradually to prevent having withdrawal symptoms from quitting like headaches, mood swings and cold symptoms like tingling and even sweating. Rose was surprised that I knew about them. I told her that I used to smoke and it was hard work, but it was all worth it.

Love Your Job

Want to know a little secret that I have which helps me succeed in selling houses? Well it’s piped in background music and people can’t get enough of it apparently. It really does break the ice most of the times, which in turn also enables me to make my pitches very natural sounding and sincere.

It is not your typical music that you listen to everyday, far from it. It is a very relaxing type of music that is guaranteed to calm your senses every time you hear it, and you might really want to break into an Asana pose once it plays. What is it? It’s yoga music that’s what.

Well I always make it a point to bring with me the best yoga DVD on all my open houses and it really works wonders. I just play it non-stop for the duration of the open house and I can clearly see the effect it has on everybody there. Relaxed and casual are terms that people use when describing my house presentations and I am glad that they notice it.

Inside the best lightweight luggage that I bring with me all the time are several things on my arsenal namely: fresh looking flowers, the yoga DVD, fliers and cards to use during my presentations, dust rags and fragrant sprays, and of course, extra clothes for those unforeseen circumstances. It is in my car always as you never know when you are going to use them.

One really has to be always prepared in this line of work as sloppiness does reflect to what kind of realtor you are. You would not exude trust when you are not prepared and clients always notice those kinds of things. When there is no trust in your relationship with your clients then you are good as a fish out of water.

Turning over properties for profit is almost never a simple deal. Lots of work is always needed, and a must, for one to be successful in this field. I for one had already put in countless hours of research and training to get to where I am today, but the results really does make everything worthwhile.

It has not always been this rosy for me, especially when I was just starting my career, as I did manage to hit a couple of snags along the way. I look at them as tests to prove my eagerness to be in this line of work and I treat them as such. I never ever expected, not even once, to be waylaid on my way to the top, and that kind of thinking served me well in times of doubt.

Well it is really the same with everything in this world. If you lack focus, ideals, and preparation, then everyone will pass you by and leave you in their dust. So to keep up in this ever changing world, you have to have dedication to what it is that you are doing and your fortunes will not be long in coming. You can quote me on that.

Basics on Low Carb Fruits and Vegetables

While I always try to keep myself abreast with the latest trends in the real estate business, I also closely keep an eye on my health, particularly on my weight. I was aware that many diseases can develop if a person is overweight. And that includes ear problems, liver problems and high blood pressure among others.

When a person desires to maintain a healthy weight or is trying to lose weight, it is advisable for that person to watch the intake of carbohydrates and calories to a certain amount. This is one of the reasons why people who are on a weight loss program usually take in more low carb vegetables and low carb fruits than other types of food. However, it is important to note that both carbohydrates and calories should not be totally eliminated in the diet as they also provide nutritional value which the body needs.

low carb fruits

Carbohydrates versus Calories

Carbohydrate is an organic compound that is made up of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. Calorie, on the other hand, refers to a unit of energy and is commonly used for showing the amount of energy a particular food contains. Additionally, carbs refer to foods that are high in starch or sugar. These foods always contain calories. However, calories do not always indicate carbs.

Low Carbohydrate Vegetables

Low carbohydrate vegetables are generally high in nutrients, dietary fiber and vitamins but low in calories, making them a healthy choice for people who are watching their weight. This food includes spinach, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, brussel sprouts and celery. In contrast, vegetables to be avoided include starchy vegetables such as potatoes, beans, corn and peas, since they contain between 24 and 74 grams of carbohydrates per one cup serving.

Low Carbohydrate Fruits

Fruits are also rich is dietary fibers as well as vitamins and minerals which are needed by the body. However, compared to vegetables, fruits tend to contain higher amounts of carbohydrates especially the dried ones because of their high concentration of sugar. Moreover, there is still a wide selection of fruits with low carbohydrate content such as most of berries including strawberries and blackberries. Honeydew, cherries, apples, pears, grapes, peaches, apricots and figs are also among the fruits with low carbohydrates. In contrast, high carbohydrate fruits include bananas, mangoes, melons and pineapple, so consume them in limited amounts.

Important Note

Aside from carbohydrate and calorie content, one important factor to consider when choosing a fruit or vegetable is the fiber content. Dietary fiber is a type of carbohydrate that slows down digestion, keeping you feeling full for a longer period of time. It also aids in passing out stools and in the prevention of certain diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. If you are on a low carb diet, choose fruits and vegetables that are low in carbohydrates but high in dietary fiber.

At first, it may be difficult to keep track of the foods to eat and not to eat when you are on a low carb diet. Keep a list of low carb foods especially fruits and vegetables so that you can easily refer to it anytime.

Age is not just a Number

I just received a call from my brother that our mom had a torn labrum hip an hour ago, similarly describe by the professionals at I asked him about what happened because our mom was not that sporty to begin with. I know that such injuries occur on repetitive motions and then causes a tear in the cartilage. Our mom just spends her day shopping, hanging out with her friends and sometimes, she helps our dad with chores around the house. My brother asked me to come down to the hospital as soon as possible because our mom wanted to see me. I asked him if my dad was there because I wanted to talk to him, but he told me that he is currently outside talking to our mom’s doctor.

I told my business partner, Dave, what happened to my mom and that I needed to go to the hospital now. He understood and he told me that he wishes that my mom well. I got to the hospital as fast as I could. It took me just fifteen minutes to drive through the busy streets of Lawrence and I was glad that there were no cops around. I parked in the nearest slot possible to the entrance of the hospital and rushed to my mom’s room. I knocked and my dad opened the door for me. I saw my mom lying comfortably on her bed. I asked them what happened to her. My dad told me that our mom was having a groin pain for the last month and she just ignored it. She was just raking leaves earlier in their backyard and she just heard a clicking snap on her hips. She got out of balance and fell over the grass. She called for help and luckily, our dad was going out to help our mom to rake, so he rushed to help her and called 911. I was relieved that she just fell over the grass rather than the cement driveway. I asked our mom how she was and she told me that it hurts earlier, but the doctor gave her a cortisone shot and now, she does not feel a thing.

Our dad told me that she also had an x-ray and an MRI and the results were fine. Dr. Miller advised our mom to rest for at least two weeks to allow the inflammation to settle down to alleviate her pain and maybe allow her to return to her usual routines gradually. She was also prescribed to take pain relievers, two times a day as needed. She could also acquire the services of a good physical therapist to improve her hip functions by strengthening and balancing her muscles around her hip joint.

The doctor also reminded our mom to exercise proper anterior hip precautions because she does not want it to happen to herself again. He added that she cannot do the things that she used to do when she was younger, because she now have more fragile and brittle bones and it always comes with age. He suggested that she stretch every day to keep her body flexible and for better blood flow.


We have a four year old Bullboxer Pit named Rocky and we are so fond of him because he is so sweet and loyal, but at the same time, he is very protective of us especially our youngest child, Chelsea. She is the one who mostly feeds and cares for him because all of us are practically busy with work and chores around the house. I am glad that Chelsea does not mind because she loves him so much. She even wanted to go for a walk alone with him at the park, but I did not give her a permission because Rocky can easily pull her because she is still not strong enough. I promised my daughter that every Sunday that I would try to accompany them with their walks and she was so excited about it.

It was a Saturday night and I find Chelsea so adorable and funny because she was making a survey about what is the best leash to use on Rocky for tomorrow’s walk. She made us choose between three leashes. I joked that I was not going to accompany them and she became sad. My wife, Susan told her that I was just kidding and she hugged both of us. I told her that she should eat dinner first, so she would be strong enough to handle Rocky’s walk tomorrow.

The next day, Chelsea woke up very early at 5am. She knocked on our door and I knew that it was her. I told her that it was too early to walk outside because it is still dark. I told her she should sleep again and I will wake her up if it is already bright outside. I am glad that she understood me so she slept in her room. I woke her up at 6:30am and she was still excited about our walk. I asked her to eat breakfast first before we can go outside with Rocky. She was so adorable as her face lit up with excitement the whole time that we were walking. We decided to rest at the park and let the dog drink some water.

dog ear infectionRocky was also tired, so he sat between Chelsea and me. I noticed that he smelled funny. I checked his paws and body, but there were no wounds or lesions. Then I checked his ears and it was so dirty. I asked Chelsea about when was the last time that he had his ears cleaned and she does not have an idea about it. When we got home, I asked my wife about it and she also told me the same thing. I cleaned the dog’s ears, but I cannot take them all off because some are further down his ears. I decided to bring him to the nearby veterinarian’s clinic to let the professionals do their thing. I told Chelsea about it and she wanted to come with me. The veterinarian had a peek with Rocky’s ears and he told us that it looked like that he have a dog ear infection. He took care of it in less than an hour and the dirt was all out. He reminded me to always clean his ears every week and as much as possible, prevent water getting inside his ears when bathing him. He also prescribed him an ear medication to be used daily.

Wrong Hunch

toddler constipationI have observed for days that our daughter, Chelsea was not fond of drinking water. She prefers to drink sodas and milk. I also noticed that she does not finish her vegetables on her plate and that is a cause of concern for me because I do not want her to experience toddler constipation. I told my wife about it and she told me that she did not know what happened to her because she used to eat veggies. I asked my wife about what to do with Chelsea and she told me that I should just take care of it because I am better with this kind of stuff and I agreed. I told her that I am going to talk to her this weekend to have a more relaxed time for our kid.

It was a weekend and I told Chelsea that I needed to talk to her. She was worried that she had done something wrong, so she was scared. I told her that she did not do anything wrong. It was just because her mom and I were worried about her, as we noticed that she was not eating healthy like she used to. I pinpointed that she does not drink as much water as she used to. I also told her that she always leaves her veggies on her plate. She was quiet and trying to gather her thoughts. After a few seconds, she blurted out the real reason on why she was not eating well. She told me that her best friend and classmate, Charlotte, had a worse case of diarrhea in toddlers and she made a mess in school. Almost all students at school knew what happened because she was seen in the hallway and she reeked of foul odor.

Since then, Charlotte is teased every day because of what happened. She asked her what caused her diarrhea. Her doctor told her that she consumed lots of water and fibrous foods, so my daughter tried to stay away from them, as she was thinking, that it could also lead her to Charlotte’s condition. I now understood that Chelsea was thinking. I told her that she would not suffer the same as her best friend’s because we are just feeding her enough. I am sure that her best friend consumed more than enough so she suffered what happened to her.

I told Chelsea that in life, it is always vital to know how to balance things. I told her about the saying that Water is Life, but if you consumed lots of it, you will feel so bad and bloated. It would even make you vomit. Chelsea laughed and I am glad that she understood what I was trying to say. She told me that she missed eating veggies because they are one of her favorite foods ever. I told her to ask her mom to cook veggies for dinner and she agreed. She also thanked me that I enlightened her about what happened to Charlotte. I reminded her that when she has a problem, she doesn’t need to hesitate to ask me or her mom because we are always ready to listen to her.

Joys of Being a Realtor

I recently sold a 2,332 sq ft big condominium unit here in Lawrence, Kansas a month ago. It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms in a low rise building and it’s is located near the Delaware area. The unit has an impeccable location for the morning sun and the sunset, perfect for a couple like them. Their unit also has an access to a special elevator which only a number of units can use so waiting time for elevators isn’t going to be a problem.

The couple that bought it paid cash in full thus getting large amount of discounts. They told me that they inherited a large sum of money from their parents and they planned to make investments out of it rather than just splurging on buying luxury cars which depreciates its value every year. It was also a dream of them to buy a unit and start a family where they all have easy access to all sorts of things like hospitals, schools, malls, restaurants, etc.

The unit that they bought is a reasonable unit for them because they are just starting out to have a family. For now, they only have a kid who loves pets which is perfect because he has a big room. They also told me that they prefer only two kids but they may have frequent visitors so they can use one room as a guest room, two rooms for their kids and one as the Master’s bedroom. They also asked about the rules and regulations for the building about pets if they allow hedgehogs as pets. They added that it would be secured on hedgehog cages so there wouldn’t be a potential for the pet to roam around across other units. I told them that I’d ask the building owner and the unit owners association about their query and I’ll get back to them with an answer. I also accompanied them to survey at daytime and night time to be sure that the area they’re buying at is safe and free from any criminal activities

Honestly, I don’t think that there’s any problem with the quiet hedgehogs as they allow dogs who bark a lot inside the building. I just don’t want to give them a shaky and skeptical answer. I reminded them that before signing anything that they should hire a lawyer to read all the legalities to make sure that the contracts are all clean. They still haven’t told me on when they will move in. The wife hinted that there might be minor constructions to be done to make it more liveable for them. I just love my job not just because of the money that I make but also it’s about the job’s flexibility and independence. Lastly, the best of being a realtor is the fulfillment and the satisfaction. It’s the fulfillment and the satisfaction that I get whenever the buyer thanks me for being the instrument to enable them to get the best possible deal that they can get with their money.

Common Skin Allergic Reaction to Tattooing

I frequently see tattoos everywhere. Some of my friends, clients and even close relatives have them. Many popular celebrities and public personalities have them. The person selling hotdogs in the sidewalk have them. Nowadays, tattooing has become a common thing to many people from all walks of life, regardless of gender.

Personally, I have nothing for and against the practice of inking your skin. It is a personal choice of the person. One important thing though is that deciding to have a tattoo or not is a very important decision that needs much thinking. Having a tattoo or two can have a big impact on the person’s life, particularly in job prospects, relationships and most importantly health.

I know of some people who have suffered from skin problems such as having a skin tear or tattoo scabbing after getting a tattoo. And based on one of the articles I read online, there are a number of skin allergic reactions to tattooing because of the needle or ink used. This list is worth considering if you are still deciding whether to get a tattoo or not:

  • Acute inflammatory reaction. This type of allergic reaction is pretty common. It is when the tattooed area becomes red, irritated and swollen. It may cause pain and discomfort but will normally subside in two or three weeks.
  • Contact Dermatitis. This allergic reaction is a skin inflammation characterized by having red and itchy rashes on the skin. It is not contagious but can cause discomfort. More often, this tattoo allergic reaction is caused by the mercury sulfide present in red tattoo ink.
  • Lichenoid reaction. Although it is a rare allergic reaction, it may still occur on anyone who just got a tattoo, especially one that uses red ink. If your skin develops this kind of reaction, you will notice some small bumps in your skin.
  • Photosensitivity. The tattooed skin may also become sensitive to the sun and develop allergic reaction when exposed. This is especially true for tattoos that use red or yellow pigments.
  • Pseudolymphomatous reaction. It is a type of skin inflammation that does not normally occur after getting a tattoo but months or years after. Red, blue and green tattoo inks are more often the culprit of this condition.
  • Granulomas. They are small bumps that can appear around the tattooed area. In most cases, they are caused by the blue, purple and green inks.

These are just some of the skin allergic reactions that you may get from tattooing. I have not listed here HIV and hepatitis which are also common health risks when getting a tattoo, as they are more than just allergic reactions but a more serious health condition.

If you see any signs of allergic reaction around the tattoo site, see a dermatologist immediately. Don’t try to take care of the problem yourself as it may worsen the symptoms. If there are signs of infection, your doctor may recommend taking antibiotic. In some cases, you may need to have your tattoo removed to treat the problem.